From idea, to concept; from design to fabrication and building, it’s all right here.  We are one of the country’s premier trade show and exhibit houses. In one location and under one roof––it’s how we keep quality high and costs low.  And we love showing guests around our place.  Being proud of our company and facility is how we make you proud of your exhibit.

We offer:



Experienced designers using the latest 3D software enable our clients to participate in the evolution of a design and check status as it moves along.


We utilize 3D Solid Modeling to enable us to work with any type of design or detailing input from our clients. This ensures that ideas from our clients don’t get lost in the process. Having created a solid type image, we are able to export the geometry directly to our Komo 2.5 Axis Router for consistent and accurate reproduction.


Ultimately a 3D exhibit is a structure, whether small, large or very large. We work with engineers ensure that the safety and integrity of an exhibit structure never has to be a concern for our clients.


Graphic Design
With commonly used Adobe software, our 2D and 3D designers are able to work hand in hand to make sure your graphics and components work together seamlessly.


Sometimes, hand illustration can provide a level of artwork that a computer just can’t render. Our in-house illustrator can bring in the finesse of fine art if the situation and the competition demand it. We also have many artists that we use regularly for other styles.


Custom Metal Work
Metal work requires metal experts and we have them. We construct in steel and aluminum performing cutting, welding, and turning.  Where else would you find a custom ATM surround that looks like a gas pump?


Before we make many – we make one to determine the best looking, most effective, efficient way to make multiples of the same display. It’s not just about the quality. It’s about the cost as well.


Model Making
You can’t have our reputation for 3D and not have great model makers. Several of our professionals are competent to make models for showcases, including dioramas for zoos and nature preserves, fish, birds, grasses, and even the occasional gorilla.


Exhibit Production
We use 65,000 square feet in our giant set-up room to erect your exhibit prior to sending to a show or permanent installation.  It goes along with our “No Surprises” promise. Our carpenters are professionals that take pride in their work so that you can take pride in your exhibit.


Artifact Mounting
Being able to secure a precious artifact and show it in it’s best light, securely and without damage, is an art, and an important part of any museum case.  We have been custom making our mounts for many years. Your products and artifacts will be kept safe.


Warehouse Services
We have 85,000 square feet of secure, clean and dry warehouse space with an experienced staff that ships in and out everyday.  Our proprietary inventory management system gives us all the information we need for any object we store – whether it’s at our facility or on the show floor we track your inventory and shipments daily.  Our staff makes sure each exhibit is complete and show-ready prior to leaving our facility.


Marketing Support
Whether it’s a preshow mailer, or a post-show follow up, we can help you secure those leads that make the difference in your return on investment.  We have an on-site marketing communications consultant that can aid in making sure that your exhibit is properly integrated with your overall branding and marketing program.


Displays often require acrylic or glass, and we provide those needed components for graphics, frames, tabletops, custom literature racks or easels, and custom product displays.


We paint, stain, and clear-coat beautiful perfect finishes for any construction method. No one will care what the construction looks like if the finish is not perfect.

Project Management-tn

Project Management
Our project managers are some of the most experienced tradeshow experts in the business. They know that mistakes are prevented by constant involvement, from early inception of a project right through production. For them it’s about on time, on budget, with no surprises.